• I threw my keys into a cauldron filled with molten steel!
  • I threw a cactus at a blimp!
  • I stuck my butt into a geyser just to feel relief!
  • I brushed my teeth and ate an orange!
  • I stared into that melty-face ark from Indiana Jones!
  • I bought some meat out of a van!
  • I gave my address to a charity!
  • I ate a bug!
  • I changed my password to “password”!
  • I shared a milkshake with a guy who had some open sores!
  • I let a dude photograph me eating a banana!
  • I clipped my nails on the bus!
  • I replied-all to an all-staff email!
  • I threw a Mentos at a can of Coke!
  • I sent a pizza to a ghost!
  • I cut my own bangs in a bumper car!
  • I gave the middle finger to a shark!
  • I told my dentist to go nuts!
  • I tricked a very famous horse into marrying me!
  • I went to a biker bar and made fun of their beards!
  • I signed a contract with a cloud!
  • I gave a weak handshake at a job interview!
  • I stole a nightstick from a cop!
  • I went swimming right after eating lunch!
  • I launched a Roman candle at a bag of snakes!
  • I barbecued a hat!
  • I didn’t use my hand to cover my PIN code at the ATM!

Get your votes in for dumbest thing ever written. I don’t care. I love it.